Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You and Me Could Write A Bad Romance...

I have discovered over the last week or two that I like Lady Gaga! It actually took me awhile to accept this. My son was even shocked...calling me a traitor! But I have a strong suspicion that he is not far behind me in accepting the truth...I think he secretly likes her too :). When I told my husband that she has finally grown on me, he admitted something to me...He went out to his car and handed me one of her CD's! He never told me he had it! It was too funny!

Anyone else a fan of Lady Gaga?


Michelle G said...


I too am a GaGa fan. :) I love Disco music - always have - and her music is along those same 'dance' lines. They have a good beat and are easy to dance to.


Patti said...

I didn't want to be a Lady Gaga fan but eventuallly stopped fighting it. Even my 3yo sings Paparazzi and Pokerface all the time. I finally gave in and admit I'm a fan!

w/v: pregnac: the crazy stuff pregnant women eat when they want a snack!

Amy C said...

Hi Michelle,
I think that's why I like Lady Gaga, they are catchy songs. I had to get past her weirdness!

Oh, Patti! It's nice to see you 'out of the closet' too! I couldn't hold it in any longer! I gave up the fight also!

I'm confused about this...w/v...what does w/v mean? LOL

Blodeuedd said...

I do not wanna like her...but the songs are so catchy, ack the struggle!

Amy C said...

Don't fight it, Blodeuedd. Just accept it! Come to the Lady Gaga side. Join us! You know you wanna! :P

Anonymous said...

LOL about your hubby getting the GAGA CD before anyone else in the family! *smiles*

Gaga is all the rage in my house - cranked up till the windows vibrate!



s7anna said...

I absolutely adore her music! I've been a huge fan of her music since her first single release...I love how she not only has awesome music but she's fearless in her fashion and she embraces the avant garde so wonderfully.


Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

I srsly enjoy Lady Gaga too! Have you watched her telephone video? Creep-tastic!

Amy C - w/v means word verification... sometimes you get some strange things. I got unfoedes... and have no idea what to do with it!

Miranda ~ Sweet Vernal Zephyr

Christine said...

LOLOLOL!!!! He had her CD in his car??! LOL oh that is too funny, Amy!

You know, I have always found her music fun and catchy but would roll my eyes over her persona... UNTIL I watched some interviews with her. Now I have no problem admitting that I admire her.

If anyone's interested in the interviews, search YouTube for Lady GaGa interview with Ellen Degeneres and again with Barbara Walters.

Mary G said...

Hi Amy
Her songs are catchy. They get overplayed but that's not her fault. I saw her sing acapella (just her & the piano) on Saturday Night Live & she just WOWED me with her voice. Saw an interview with Barbara Walters & again she wowed me with her smarts & depth.
The outfits don't tell the whole story.

Amy C said...

Thanks, Miranda! Now I understand Patti's comment! I was wondering what the heck she was smokin! Sorry Patti!!! :P LOL

Yes, MsM, I find that I turn the radio up very loud when I'm listening to her in my car :). And of course the louder the radio is the louder I am LOL.

Hi Anna! She definietly has no problems with her 'look'. She's different and the more I listen to her, the more I appreciate it. It's art.

Amy C said...

Thanks for the info, Christine. I'll look for those youtube videos tomorrow. It would be interesting to see her 'normal' :).

Hi Mary,
I think if she chose not to have all that wierdness in her songs and just sang, she does have a pretty powerful voice. I'll see if I can find that clip of her on youtube from Saturday Night Live also :).

Amanda McIntyre said...

I have to admit I wasn't much of a fan, but after seeing Dylan's impersonation of Lady GaGa at the RT Vampire Ball I think I like her music all the more! LOL

Great pics of RT, btw!It was so great to meet you and your mom!


Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy!

LOLOLOL My son was written Bad Romance for horns, strings, and drums, printed it off and taken it to his band teacher in hopes of having the band play it. When it comes on the radio, we have to listen to it pounding loud. And the kids have it on their ipods. At first, I had trouble with the odd outfits and strangeness that makes up her stage performance, but the music does grow on you, and I ended up liking it, and not just Bad Romance! LOLOL My kids influence my listening habits a lot, I wonder why it never rubbed off on my dad the same way?? LOL

Dottie :)

Tracy said...

I like her music as long as I don't have to look at her. lol My kids love her music though so I hear it a lot. :)

Lea said...

Hey Amy:

I didn't even know who she was until recently.. LOL

I know, I'm stuck back in the 80's and 90's. I don't know, I've heard her on the radio but it's sort of a meh.. lol

But hey - cool the hubs had her CD! LOL


Amy said...

I'm a closet GaGa fan. Ok, well, maybe not so secretive, but I can't help but want to dance to her music.

Erotic Horizon said...

Hey cool you and Husb have the same taste and the kidlet not far behind..


Me - I can stand her or her song..