Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bad Poetry Day

I just discovered a short time ago over on Facebook that today, August 18th, is Bad Poetry day. Borders Books has a thing posted about it, asking those to reply with a bad Haiku. I thought I'd see if anyone would like to try their hand at some bad Haikus :). I was reading through some that were posted, some were a little silly, in a bad way!

Here's mine...

Books, books, lovely books
My reading is in a slump
And mean people suck

You're turn!

Haiku's are easy
Just remember the line rules
Five Seven Five, go!

Good or bad, doesn't matter. Would love to see what you all might come up with!


Cecile said...

Never did this ~ so here goes...

Giggle giggle
its what i do
especially when
i am around you

yeah i know i kinda suck!!

Amy C said...

Hey Cecile!

Well, it is Bad Poetry day so you're allowed to suck!


I thought it was very cute and made me giggle! It's not a Haiku, but poetry nonetheless and I'm glad you posted something!

Friends that make you laugh
Are the ones you keep always
Friends that make you cry
Are the ones you throw away!

I think I'm keeping you, Cecile!

Christine said...

I suck at this stuff
I don't know why I try
I have nothing more to say

Ken Starlin said...

Ode to an Onion Sucker

I saw you yesterday morning
By the onion bin
You were sucking on an onion
Don’t lie, I saw you
You had that onion in your mouth
And you were going wild
You can deny it all you want
But smell your breath, you fool

Amy C said...

Let me try this again...

HAhaha, Christine
You're allowed to suck today
It's bad poetry day!

There, my reply in Haiku format! LOL!

Amy C said...

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your comment
Ode to the stinky onion
That's one smelly dude!

HAHA! This is fun!

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

my life is a drain
my brain is sluggishly slow
tired, grouchy, old

(I think it describes me pretty well, lol...)

good thing they wanted bad haiku!

D :)

you won't believe my word veri: douched...

Amy C said...

Douched in the morning
Then douched in the afternoon
So tired of douching!

LMAO, Dottie!

Haikus are so ridiculously addicting!

And I don't think you're grouchy!