Monday, August 9, 2010

Coming Soon - By the Light of the Silvery Moon by Amanda McIntyre

Coming August 16, 2010
Amanda McIntyre's
By the Light of the Silvery Moon


Can infatuation lead to love or just a howling good time? Jerome Hinkle has had his eye on pert little Shelly Bane since the days he lusted after her in high school. Now Shelly's all grown up and Jerome has returned to Landon where his passion for her is rekindled just as Shelly discovers a family secret that could take a bite out of their relationship.

Heat level - 3
Genre - Contemporary, paranormal romance
Cover art by Sahara Kelly

Excerpt -

“Have you noticed the hair is thicker?” Her mother sighed and brushed back a lock of silvery hair from her temple. Her ebony gaze stayed focused on the children playing in the yard across the street.

Shelly studied her mother’s profile, not realizing until now how finely chiseled her features were. She was still quite beautiful. Shelly remembered how her father and mother adored each other and never tried to hide it from her and her brothers.

“Yes, that too.” Shelly picked up her fork and twirled it nervously between her fingers.

Her mother’s eyes turned to hers. She waited for Shelly to continue.

“Look. I can’t keep my legs shaved clean.” Shelly hiked up her pant leg, the evidence of a five o’clock shadow apparent on her calf. “It’s becoming a bit ridiculous, really.”

Her mother’s dark gaze remained steady, undaunted by Shelly’s obvious concern. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.” Her mother folded the towel, neatly creasing its edges. “You’re almost twenty-five now, and to be frank, I was a little worried, with you being the youngest of the litter that your change would be later in coming than it was for your brothers.”

Shelly remembered how she suffered through the classes in school regarding body changes and hygiene, but not once did she recall the teacher lecturing on whole body shaving.

Did she say litter?

“Our family is a little different than most, my dear.” She averted her eyes from Shelly’s again. “We always joked it was just a family curse, but it’s more of a rite of passage into our family tree I guess you could say.”


I've been out of the loop for so long I wasn't aware this was coming out until the other day. I'm very curious to read a little paranormal by this lovely lady :). I haven't purchased an ebook in months...and months...I'm looking forward to this one.


Lea said...

Oh, a contemporary by Amanda McIntyre. And a paranormal at that!

Thanks for the heads up Amy, I'll have to look this one up.

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy!

Thanks for the heads up Amy. I'll try it because Amanda wrote it. And... well.. you know I love a paranormal romance!

Dottie :)