Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge #3

Happy Monday!

It's time for another Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge AND my first day of college. I'm sure I'll post more on that later :D. Thank you, Blodeuedd and Michelle, for doing this with me and Dottie. I hope this picture inspires you both once again. Everyone is welcome to join in. We would love to see what you might come up with!

Now on to week three's picture prompt...Hmm...what do you think?

The Rules...Monday's we post a picture prompt. If you feel inclined to write a story inspired by the prompt, post it to your blog on Friday, then post a link to me and Dottie in a comment so others out there can enjoy your creativity! Max word count is 350...however, there is no penalty for going over or under :).

Happy Writing!


Blodeuedd said...

I can already feel the Muse whispering in my ear :D

Christine said...

Oooo! Love the image! Have fun, writers.

Amy, hope your first day of classes goes well. Go get 'em!!! =)

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy!

Happy first day of college!!

You picked a great image Amy, can't wait to read the flash that goes along with it!

B, I bet your muse comes up with something great!

Oh, Christine.... are you sure you won't give it a try?


Dottie :)

Amy C said...

Wonderful, Blodeuedd!

As always, I can't wait till Friday to see what you come up with. This one might be a little harder for me, since my focus is going to be elsewhere, but that's why it's called a challenge :).

Amy C said...

Thanks, Christine, and I agree with Dottie, you really should give it a go. I think you could come up with something really great!

Luckily my first day was only one class...keyboarding. Not a difficult one at all. Definitely won't be hard to get an A :). Tomorrow is my long day. Class from 8 to 2:15 and then owrk 5 to's gonna be a long day.

Amy C said...

Hey Dottie! I hope this image does spark something good! I do really like it. Now I just need to make sure I have some free time to think and write between now and Friday :)!


Tanya said...

Oohh.. how interesting of a post! What a great idea and I love the prompt for this week! If the muse speaks to me, I may join in! :)

On another note... I have a little award for you at my blog. Stop by and pick it up HERE whenever you get the chance! :P