Monday, August 2, 2010

Road Trip: Erie, PA

Saturday me and Devin took a little road trip to Erie, PA. The beginning of July I went to my cousin's in Columbus. Just me! No kid, no mom, no husband! Of course, Devin wasn't thrilled about it so I told him we would do a road trip, just me and him. But it had to be no more than 4 hours away from home :). His first choice was Philadelphia! He wants to see the liberty bell. I told him he was nuts if he thought I was driving there! That's a big city. Maybe someday!

Erie on the other hand, is a nice little town/city. We were just there back in April when we took Devin and his friend to Splash Lagoon for the day. We got directions for the zoo and the mall. I printed them thinking we would hit the zoo first and then the mall, but Devin decided he wanted to do the mall first. From the interstate I had no idea how to get there so I drove to the zoo first and then back tracked to the mall. I only had to turn around once :). Funny thing, when we pulled into the zoo parking, I spotted two ladies and I thought maybe they would know how to get to the mall. I walked over and asked, and wouldn't you know, they drove down from NY also! They weren't helpful :). I really need to invest in a GPS! I will have have one by next summer.

When we got to the mall I was elated with the store I spotted first...Borders Express! Oh, man, do you have any idea how good it felt to walk into that store? I miss mine terribly :(. And believe it or not, all I did was browse for a few minutes. I didn't buy a single thing. It's been so long since I paid attention to new releases that I had no idea what to look for. It just felt really nice to walk into that Borders Express :).

And then Devin, he was so darn cute! We went into Aeropostale and I let him get a few shirts. His excitement made me so happy, finally he is big enough to get the small size in normal grown-up clothing stores. He was so happy thinking how cool he is now! He tried to talk me into a hoody, but some things are still just way too big for him, even if their smalls. I love it when he is genuinely happy about something :).

We had lunch in the mall and then drove back to the zoo. It was a cute little zoo. I don't know if it's bigger than the Buffalo zoo, but the set up was really nice, and there were some animals we don't have, such as the Orangutan and the Kangaroos! I just love the pic of the Kangaroo. He looks like one cool dude!

Our next outing is Niagara Falls! We're going to do the Cave of the Winds...and this time I am going down too! Devin has done it twice, once with my mom and once as his fifth grade field trip. How neat would it be to stand in all that rushing water?

Have you any of you done anything fun this summer? Any road trips? Vacations?


Lea said...

Fun trip Amy! Looks like Devyn had a great time and it looks like a nice zoo.

I've not been anywhere exciting this summer. Just working a lot. lol

Thanks so much for sharing Amy!

Lori said...

Amy! So glad you're going to blog a bit more. Looks like you and Devin had a great time, and wow - he's really grown up since the last time you posted pics of him.

We've just had a couple little weekenders this summer, unfortunately. Steve's bar mitzvah took all the money we had, so little is the word for this summer. We hit Vegas for a long weekend for my nephew's 21st, and we're going up to San Francisco on Wednesday for 5 days (luckily, staying at my in-laws' for free!).

Blodeuedd said...

Wow, that looks fun :) I am glad you had a great time. Would love to see those animals.

My summer...relaxed, totally needed it.

Anna said...

Cool pics! Looks like it was a fun time.

As for trips I was suppose to got to the North Shore and Duluth in June, but it had to be postponed because of my mom's surgery. So I think we are gonna go sometime this month. It'll be Duluth or a trip to Illinois, the stubborn woman hasn't made up her mind yet. LOL!

Amy C said...

One of these years, Lea, me and Devin are gonna have to go up to the Toronto zoo! We could plan it so that you could maybe meet us there! How fun would that be? :) Maybe we could look into it for next summer? I hear all the time how wonderful that zoo is and how big it is!

azteclady said...

Late, late, always late...

Welcome back Amy! :-D

I haven't 'gone' anywhere this summer, but I did have the most amazing time attending RWA Nationals again this year.

In fact, I got a little something just for you ;-) so check your mailbox this week!


Amy C said...

Hi Lori!
Yes, Devin has grown. I'm waiting for the time that he is bigger than I am! His feet already are :).

Hey, a weekend trip to Vegas! That's awesome. Still sounds like you all did some nice things this summer. I had to find inexpensive things for us to do, but I think I managed :).

Amy C said...

Hey Blodeuedd!

That's one thing Devin and I have always liked doing, going to the zoo. I get the zoo pass here and we use it throughout the year. It's nice going in the fall and spring. The animals are more active. I still would like to make a trip to the Rochester zoo and the Syracuse zoo. And of course the Toronto zoo in Canada! Rochester is about an hour and a half away and Syracuse is about two and a half hours away.

Amy C said...

Hey Anna,

Yeah, you mentioned that the other day that you had to postpone your trip :(. How far are you from Illinois? What would you guys do there?

Amy C said...

Thanks, azteclady :D!

It's never too late! Smiles are welcome anytime and that's what I do when you guys stop by :).

Ohhh, RWA again?? Lucky you! I haven't gotten anything cool in my mailbox in months! Thank you! I'll be looking.


Mary G said...

Hi Amy
I've missed you. Great to hear from you. I literally live a few minutes away from the Toronto Zoo. Can I meet you there too? Nothing like inviting myself LOL.

Amy C said...

Hell yes, Mary! I would love to have you there too! I can't do it until next year though. But me and Lea are planning a meet in a few weeks. We just started talking about it this morning and she said she would ask you also. I am so excited to meet both of you :). It'll be a lot of fun!

Mary G said...

That would be so awesome & Lea is terrific company.

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy!

Anna, if you make it to Illinois, girl, I'm just around the corner! (believe me, most of Illinois IS that small, Chicago is our only saving grace..)

I would love to go to Canada, it's on my wish list, so maybe one day (hopefully next year?). I would love to go RT or RWA, again maybe one day (when Amy's a published author, she can invite me *wink wink*).

Have I been ANYWHERE the entire summer?? NO! Big fat goose egg here, lol. The kids have been in school almost as much this summer as they are during the regular school year, very disappointing for me :( (nah, not really, it means that I don't have to do all the work needed to get ready to go and then all the work needed to be done when I get back home. (can't really afford it after furniture and carpeting anyway, but would have been nice to slip away for a day or two).

Your daytrip looks great Amy! Devin is getting so big and he's really starting to fill out (still a bean pole though, lol). Aero is where I buy my guys some of their clothing (hoodies, t's), but they don't like the jeans. I do LOVE the pic of the Kangaroo, he's so taking it easy, lol, like been there done that. Too cute.

Thanks for sharing with us Amy!

Dottie :)

Christine said...

Love the photos of your trip to Erie. How nice that you and Devin took a road trip together. Did you stay overnight or do all that driving in one day? I can't believe how grown up Devin looks. Well.. I can, actually. They grow like weeds at this age!

I'm also glad to hear you pulled off that solo trip to your cousin's. It's important to do things like that by yourself now and then... especially now that our kids aren't babies anymore.

Philadelphia is more than 4 hours from you, isn't it? I mean, it's only 2 hours from me... and I thought you and I were 8 hours or more apart?

Have fun at Niagara Falls! I don't remember the Cave of the Winds, but if that's when you go into the tunnel behind the falls, we did that. I don't remember what it was called. LOL. No Maid of the Mist for you?

We were at Niagara Falls and Toronto in August 2006 for a long weekend, and that was the last vacation we took until just last week when we did a Pacific Northwest road trip in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, Canada. It was a vacation long overdue, let me tell you!

So good to see your post, Amy! xoxo

Amanda McIntyre said...

I love that you did Niagra Falls! Our road trip took us there last year on the way to Nationals.

I love to see you blogging too;)) and Deven, heavens hwat a nice looking young man he's turning out to be. What a nice kid, course his mom is pretty damn cool;)

Love reading about your trips and my fav are the giraffes;)

Take care, my friend!
Amanda M