Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sassy Sunday Story Starter...

Over at Alternative-Reads, Sassy Brit hosts a 'Sassy Sunday Story Starter'. This Sunday was another line prompt and here is my contribution for this week :).

Thank you to author, Angelika Devlyn, for submitting this weeks line prompt!

Basement of Secrets
By Amy C
Word Count - 438

Simone opened the door to the basement and peeked through into the darkness. 'Who's down there?' she shouted, sounding more confident than she felt. When no one replied she switched on the light and tip-toed down the creaky stairs to investigate. Please let it be that damn cat from next door!

Halfway down the stairs, the lights flickered, and then all went black. Simone stopped her decent, hand gripping the railing as she struggled to see with her eyes. Not a hint of light pierced the pitch-blackness that surrounded her.

She attempted to draw herself back up the stairs, but a force blocked her incline. Her heart pounded frantically in her chest. She struggled for calmness, but a power of strength compelled Simone to continue down the stairs obliterating any sense of composure she sought to gain.

No matter how hard she tried, she could not break free from the compulsion that drove her further into the darkness of the basement. Tears formed in her eyes. She tried to scream, but as soon as her mouth opened, Simone felt a pressure against her lips, as if a hand had been placed over them.

The air around her grew cold, the musty odors that wafted around her intensified. What was happening? Many times she’d been down these steps and nothing ever occurred out of the ordinary.

Out of the darkness, a purring penetrated her ears. Everything seemed louder when all she had was her sense of sound. The feel of soft fur rubbed against her leg. A loud snap rang around her, immediately followed by the subtle glowing of numerous candles placed everywhere around a strange, unfamiliar room. This was not her basement. Where the hell was she?

Two cloaked figures stepped into the muted lighting. Each of them bowed their heads and lowered the hoods that obscured their faces.

“She is the one. I sense it in her spirit,” one of them spoke in a quite, yet eager tone.

“Yes, she will be perfect,” the other replied, equally enthusiastic.

The one? What was she talking about? Simone looked around frantically, and that’s when she noticed the hard slab of concrete—just the right size for someone of her stature to lie upon.

Again, the unseen force carried her toward the slab, and unable to resist, Simone found herself lying on her back atop the hard, cold concrete bed. The two figures approached her. Her eyes widened in horror at the sight of a dagger carried in one of her abductor’s hands. Sickening fear skated throughout her entire body. Her mind screamed one word over and over again.




Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy!

Oh, it is very dark... but in a very good way, and you know how I love the dark.

I also did a comedy kind of thing... you know like a surprise party or new boyfriend trying to scare the bejesuses out of her. LOL

Excellently done sweetie!!


Dottie :)

*fingers crossed* Have a great day tomorrow!!

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

that should say, I thought about doing a comedy type flash, lol, pms'd today....

Dottie :)

Amy C said...

Isn't pms the best thing ever??


I love what you did do with the prompt...dark, yet light. But that is a great idea to make it like some kind of funny/scary prank :D.