Sunday, August 1, 2010

An Update

Summer's half over, and I haven't blogged in over two months. I wasn't sure if I would again. I was browsing new releases this afternoon on Amazon, looking for some new fantasy novels in upcoming months and before I knew it, I was saving covers and adding them to my side-bar--something I haven't done in months and something I always loved to do. I love browsing book covers. I found a few new ones and discovered a few books coming out by authors that I read :).

I was at work the other day, showing a co-worker my blog and I realized how much I miss it, but I don't know how to find that groove to begin blogging again :(. I use to love reviewing books, buying books, talking about books, but something happened and I lost it! I don't even like to talk about books with my mom anymore. How sad! I think it's because I hardly read anymore. It's not that I don't like to read anymore, because I do! I don't even know. I can't explain it.

Maybe I need to go back to the way I started blogging, back when it was more personal. Such as things me and Devin do, places we go. Not focus so much on books and reading.
I think the last time I posted I mentioned that I was hoping to get a job at the mall again. I did get hired! I've been working the Mall Services desk (customer service) for two months now, and I love it! It's an easy, laid back kinda job and I work with some really wonderful ladies :). One of them has been tremendous in listening to my woes :).

I start school in the Fall, only four short weeks away! I'm excited and nervous, but I think it's going to be a really great thing. You see, I have this goal...I'm going to go to school, get my degree in a few years, get a nice job and buy me one of these...

Is that not a sweet ass car? OMG, I am in lust with those new cameros!! That picture is on my cell phone so that I can ogle it anytime I want and remind myself of my goal :). And yes, I want THAT one! Green with black racing stripes!

I am going to try this blogging thing again, without all the book talk on my end :).
Me and Devin went on a road trip yesterday to Erie, PA. I'll post about it tomorrow! That's non-book related, however there will be a small tiny mention of the bookstore, I think :).

I hope things have been well with you. I think things are getting better for me.


Lea said...

That is a sweet ass car Amy!!


I miss you so much and am just so relieved that you are okay and enjoying your new job. :) It sounds great..

And, WOW school in the fall, how exciting. As for the book reviews and blogging, I know, the mojo comes and goes. We love hearing about all your news from your little corner of the world whenever you feel like sharing.

Great post Amy..

Thinking of you!

Amy C said...

LEA!! I miss you too!!


Think there is any possibility that we can arrange some sort of lunch meeting in the next few weeks :)?? That was one of the things I so wanted to do this summer, meet you...Finally!

Woot to the SWEET ASS car!!

Yes, school in the Fall!! Devin said to me yesterday that we will be able to homework together now, except his will be easier :)...we'll see. I think he's going to have his hands full now that he's going into middle school!

Blanche said...

Hi Amy!!

It is so good to see you! We have missed you! :)

Amy C said...

Thanks, Blanche! I have missed conversing with all of you! I think that is what I miss the most about blogging, the conversations, whether they be about books or something personal that we decided to share. I miss that :(.

Anna said...

Hi Amy,

It's great to see you posting again. You've definitely been missed. ((hugs))

Ooo that car is a very nice goal to have. I love the colors. :)

Amy C said...

Thanks, Anna!

Oooo, you like the car too?? And on the inside, the seats are stitched with green thread and along the door panels is a strip of that same color green! So much detail. An amazing car.

Hmmm, ogle a hot sexy guy, or that green cameo?

I think I'll take the camero :D!!!

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Hi Amy! *waving*

I've missed you too! I was thinking of you the other day after reading a book you reviewed here that made want to read, and finally I did after about a year! But I went back to read your original review and I realized "wow, where is Amy these days!". Good to get an update you have a lot to look forward to! Snazzy car!

Glad to hear the job is going well and yeah life and books and all that changes with a job, nut you'll find you're reading slot in school - trust me!

Take care,


Amy C said...

Hey Julie! *Waving back*!! I've missed you too, my fellow Scottish loving friend ;)! I haven't read a Scottish historical in forever! I don't even know what the last one was :(.

What book was it? Did you like it?

Erotic Horizon said...

It is so good to have you back - and talk about what ever you want to talk about.. as long as we hear you.

Welcome back hon...

Congrats on all the upcoming changes in your life and great car.... Drool all you want hon, it is a great car...


Amy C said...

Thank you, EH :).
I think taking books as the main focus of my blogging away will get me back into blogging again. That's my plan anyway :). You guys are all great and I miss you.

I posted that car on my side bar, hoping it motivates me to keep coming back to blog regularly :P! A lil enticement is always helpful!

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

Hi me again... (sorry about all the typos in my last comment, I was typing in on my iTouch!) The book I read was Night's Rose. I thought it was pretty good, but I wasn't totally in love with it. I have the next book and am wondering what happens, based on your review, sounds like a menage between the three of them? I'm still looking for a paranormal historical that is as good as the Gardella series, but nothing seems to hit the spot with me, though I have a few coming up on my TBR list that look interesting, Vampire's Kiss by Cynthia Eden and Be Mine Tonight by Kathryn Smith - have you read either one?

Amy C said...

Hi Julie,
I enjoyed Night's Rose. I liked the relationship between the three characters and how there was that question of a romance between all three of them. It definitely piqued my curiosity for the second book. I enjoyed that one too, and I will be reading the third whenever it comes out to see how the triangle is further explored!

I haven't read the Gardella series but have always heard good things. I have read Be Mine Tonight. That's my favorite in the series. I really liked that one, made me cry :). I sorta lost interest after the fourth book, I think it was. And I've never heard of Vampire's Kiss.

Kris said...

Missed you Amy! Glad you are having a good summer. Hope to hear from you more often about whatever you want to write :) Congrats on the job, i am glad that you enjoy it. It is always nice to like what you do.

Amy C said...

Thank you, Kris :). I think I'm gonna be around more often. I have missed all of you.

I agree, it's important to like what you do. When I worked that short time at Briarwood cooking, I didn't like it, and when I hurt my back there and had to quit, I was actually relieved, even though it hurt like hell! I knew I wouldn't be able to go back into that kitchen!

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy!!!

I'm so happy to see you back. I missed you! I'm glad you got the job you wanted and with school only a few short weeks away, it's going to be getting exciting around your house, LOL! I know you'll do fantastic, because, hey, you're just that kind of person, the fantastic! If you need any help with anything, feel free to ask, I just graduated a few years ago, lol, and I still remember most of the ropes. It's hard to go back to school, so you have my admiration already.

Dottie :)

Christine said...

AMY!!!!! :D
It's so great to see you post and I think your plan of starting out just talking about "stuff"--whatever you feel like sharing is a great strategy to get blogging again. Whatever works, because we've missed you, girl!

I intended to call you earlier this month before I left on vacation, but I really had my hands full this month as my husband was away a lot, leaving his old man, the kids and the house all in my care. Finding 30 minutes to myself between 7 am - 10 pm was so hard to come by!! Anyway, the rest of my summer looks fairly quiet, so we'll have to catch up soon!

I can totally see YOU behind the wheel of one of those babies! Start saving!! :D

Amanda McIntyre said...

you know how I feel about you, kiddo! and I absolutely love that you have Bad Romance here!!

So fun!

Amanda M

Amy C said...

Hi Dottie! :)

Aww, shucks, Dottie, yur makin me blush! I think you are pretty darn fantastic as well. And I will, if I have any problems I will ask. Thank you! Your positivity is definitely encouraging for me :)!

Amy C said...

Hey Christine! It's good to see you :D. ((Hugs))

Oh, no worries about calling! You had a lot on your plate as you prepared for your vacation, and what an awesome vacation too! Yes, we'll catch up soon. It'll be nice when we can go on a real vacation like that again!

Amy C said...

Hi Amanda :D

Yes, I do...*Hugs*!

HAHA! After I seen that kid dance around the stage there at the Vampire Ball dressed up like Lady Gaga, I couldn't help but love that song! Now I'm totally addicted to her.