Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Whatever Wednesday!

I was browsing through old posts the other day and I discovered a Whatever Wednesday post. I think it was something I was going to start doing on a regular basis but apparently, I did not :). I am going to try again though. So welcome to my Whatever Wednesday posts. Maybe I'll do one every Wednesday, or maybe not...Whatever! :P

Would you care to join me for some delicious jammin jelly donuts or perhaps some tasty escargot?

Or perhaps you'd like to try some outstanding atomic buffalo wings made right here in the Buffalo area!

I am still crazy addicted to Cafe World on Facebook! Been playing that game everyday since the end of January :). It takes no skill, you just have to remember to serve your food when it's done!

I think this is the real reason I don't get any reading done anymore :). Damn Cafe World!

I did a look to see who my wait staff is and thought I'd share a few of them...

Anna's Book Blog
andAmanda McIntyre!

Sorry, Anna! I didn't realize I had you workin double time...:P. You guys are doin such a tremendous job! Perhaps y'all need a raise?

I'm currently reading The Hollow Crown by Diana P. Francis! I have very much enjoyed this fantasy series. Thank you, Christine, for being so kind and sending me a copy :).


Diana (Book of Secrets) said...

I was addicted to Cafe World for a long time! I still have the app, but I don't have a chance to play anymore. Maybe I'll re-open my cafe someday!

Amy C said...

Hi Diana!

I keep wondering if I'm going to lose interest, but it hasn't happened yet. Most people seem to be addicted to farmville, but I couldn't get into that one.

If you do happen to re-open your cafe, we should be neighbors!

Christine said...

How cute. I have a friend who's so addicted to Farmville, that I finally had to block the app on my news feeds. And I barely go onto facebook to begin with! LOL!

You're so very welcome for the book. xo

Lori said...

Nothing personal, but I don't play any of the games on Facebook. I'm addicted enough to the interwebz and Spider Solitaire that more things to be addicted to is strictly forbidden :=)

Amy C said...

Hi Christine,
Oh, yes, I have had to ignore apps from some facebook friends also! Farmville was one of them. So many people play that one that it was taking up so much of my feed that I was missing other things. Of course, now most of my feeds are all from cafe world, but that is just the way I want it LOL :D!!

Amy C said...

Hi Lori!

Totally understand! There are so many things out there to get addicted to. My kid is always trying to get me to try all these different app games on facebook and I tell him that one addiction is enough for me! And besides I have tried a few other ones and none of them has had the same affect that cafe world has had.

Lea said...

LOL Sorry Amy, I've never heard of Cafe World. Maybe because I don't have Facebook.

I like your "Whatever Wednesday" post though..

Actually I'm glad I don't do "Cafe World", I spend enough time on line.