Friday, September 24, 2010

Flash Fiction Entry #6

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge Entry #6

* * * * *

A Passionate Farewell
By Amy C
Word Count - 422

“Please, my sweet, don’t be afraid.”

Lady Isabelle turned from him then, resting her hand on the cold stone wall, head tilted in sadness. How could she not fear for his safety every time he rode his horse through the castle gates into another battle waged by their king? But then she sighed. How could she stay focused on her worry for his safety when the heat of his lips, the warm press of his hands on her arm distracted her?

“Think of my touch, my love, while I am away, not of the harm that may befall me. By the sound of your sighs, I know how it pleases you.”

As hard as Lady Isabelle tried to hold back, another damning sigh of pleasure sounded in the small alcove. Sir Marcus chuckled. “We have time, let me feel the warm sweetness of your body sheathed around me,” he whispered wickedly.

Unable to resist the lure of his deep, masculine purr, Isabelle turned. “Here, my Lord? Where someone could easily see?” she asked, peering around her lover. A gleam of excitement lit the blue orbs of her eyes.

Not waiting for a reply, she stepped toward him, his arms a welcoming embrace. Their lips met, and they kissed as if they’d never find a moment such as this again.

In a frenzy of passion, they hiked her dress round her waist, adjusted his leggings so that his hardness sprang free. A mere heartbeat later, Marcus had her pressed to the wall, lifted her leg and claimed her passage. Coated with her wet, silky essence, they moved together; a give and take of equal measure. Striving for the ultimate release, they moaned as one at the pure ecstasy they found within the arms of the other. And when they each reached that pinnacle of pleasure, Marcus remained holding his Lady until he no longer filled her.

He kissed her slowly, sensually as he held her in his arms. Reluctantly he stepped from her, and after righting their clothes, they walked hand in hand out of the castle toward his awaiting troop. She prayed fervently with each step that they would find another victorious end in the battle they were moments away from seeking out.

Lady Isabelle leaned in and breathed near his ear, “Come back to me, my love, so that we can share in these pleasures of the flesh once more.”

With a teasing smile and a wink, he bowed his head and replied, “As you wish, my Lady, as you wish.”

* * * * *

This one turned out quite nicely...a tryst fueled by desperation at the fear of never seeing the other again. Two lovers expressing their desire, their passion. It's a beautiful picture, caressing my need for some sensuality.

Thank you, Blodeuedd!

Looking forward to reading how you guys turn this picture into something gloriously dark and fantastical!

Next week's picture is brought to you by another wonderful and lovely lady...Michelle!

See you next week for Challenge #7!


Blodeuedd said...

Wow, very lovely Amy :) I liked it, two lovers in for a quickie.

ANd yes I invite you over to see my work..not dark..just not happy

Amy C said...

Hey B,
I just read yours...soo sad :(

Why, why, couldn't they be together?? My heart is weeping for them...LOL!

Thanks, I'm happy you enjoyed mine :). I love a lil quickie!

Michelle Greathouse said...


So steamy and so naughty. :) Very nice.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Blodeuedd said...

Hihi, you always bring the naughty ;) I do like that.

I really should have given those poor lovers a happy ending, they didn't even get a quickie :(

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy!

LOL, a lil naughtiness goes a long way into battle, he'll remember the wicked sweetness and it'll carry him home from the battle. You see if I'd written your story, he would have returned as well but in a ghostly fashion, lol.

I do love the naughty though...

Great job Amy!

I didn't use any dialogue at all this time :)

Dottie :)