Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Wee Lil Obsession...And I don't Mean Books

Devin asked to go to the bookstore this afternoon, and who am I to tell him no? So I didn't. I said yes :). He decided he wants to try reading the Halo books; books inspired by the video games that are all the rage right now with the release of Halo: Reach!

I'm standing there watching him look through the titles they have and I told him he needed to read the first page of one of them to see how he felt about the wording and such. He's never read from the adult fantasy section before. He doesn't really do much chapter book reading, but he's insistent that he will read these ones. So he made himself comfortable on the floor and began reading...and I began snapping photos (I wish I had a better camera on my phone!)

It's like candy to my eyes watching him look so serious at all those glorious books!

They didn't have the first one of the series, and like me, he doesn't want to read them out of order :). But I did order it for him before we left. I've bought him numerous chapter books over the years, and he's never really read them. I sure hope these ones are the ones that spark his interest in reading, and will make him see how fulfilling and rewarding it is to read a book. To use your imagination to create the worlds and characters that are described to us. He loves books because I love books...he just doesn't like to read them!

And now on to my wee lil obsession...On the way home from the bookstore I spied my car. Yes, MY car! At first it was behind me. I slowed down, hoping he would get in front of me as I had my camera all ready to snap a shot or two. Of course I was hoping to see some hot guy behind the wheel, but to my utter disbelief, some creepy lookin' dude was driving my synergy green Camaro! Is that not the coolest name for that green...Synergy, baby! I freakin love it! I think I have a tiny little obsession with this car. I told my husband about the creepy dude and naturally his reply had something to do with the creepy dude hoping it was his ticket to some pussy...MEN! I don't know...dude was really creepy! But hey, he could be a real nice guy :P...who happens to be driving MY car!

(Sigh...It's so pretty)


Ladybug said...

I hopes he likes the series once he gets the first book :)

That was one awesome Camaro, I love the green color of it.

Blodeuedd said...

How lovely, seeing your kid browsing for books :D

And can I have that car too

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy!

My boys went through the phase of video game books, but hey, they've moved on to other 'real' books, they have to start somewhere... They still enjoy reading graphic novels, but it's so freaking expensive, I have to limit them to one book per week. Borders love us :)

Probably the creepy dude has a low insurance rate because he never has a girl to impress i.e. need for synergy green camaro... your hubs is right... looking for the missing pussy... LOL! Nice kitty...

Dottie :)

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Not that the Halo books aren't real books, lol, and I always look at this way... anything that makes them STOP playing the video game and read.... I'm all for it!


Dottie :)

Lori said...

If he likes fantasy, you can try the Redwall series (Brian Jacques) and the Pendragon series (DJ MacHale) - they are both fantasy and are written for kids, oh... 10 to 12 up to young adult, IMO.

Both my boys really liked them.

Christine said...

I think reading graphic novels is a great way to get Devin hooked on reading. He may stay with those for a year or so, but I'd bet he'll branch out to novels. It's in his genes, right?

Amy C said...

Hey Christine,

Actually the Halo books are regular sci/fi novels, which is why I wonder if he will be able to stay with it long enough to actually finish one of tehm. They are quite length for what the average chapter book is for his age.

He has read a few of those graphic novels but hasn't read one lately.

But I am getting him one of the suggestions that Lori mentioned up there...the Pendragon series. I mentioned it to him and he said he had heard of them so I ordered him the first book yesterday.