Wednesday, September 8, 2010


How the heck are you? Me? I'm a little tired! So not used to being this busy. I like it, but I'm still trying to get organized. Time just seems to wiz by and before I know it, it's another day and I'm trying to get organized all over again. My husband has a hard time understanding. He says he adjusted fine with his school and study time. You just have to do it, he says. Well, that is easier said than done. He's never had to think about the things that I have to. Such as getting Devin ready for school, dinner, dishes, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping. He helps and he is a good helper, but I still think about all those things and I still have to do most of those things. It's difficult to change my focus after being a stay at home mom for 12 years! And I have to work (he didn't have to!). Not that I'm complaining or anything :D. It's just hard when you have to rely on someone else to do the things you've always done. Makes me feel like I'm lacking...But Supermom I am not! One day at a time...

My baby started middle school yesterday! I can't believe it. I figure by the time he starts high school, I'll be graduating with my degree. That is so awesome. I have no pictures to share :(. I always take pictures of him his first day of school, but you see, yesterday I was not even home to see him off on the school bus! I had to leave half an hour before him so that I wouldn't be late for class. My mom was here though. He seems happy enough going to a different school. He told me this morning that he was actually looking forward to today. Gosh, that's like music to my ears! The last thing you wanna hear is them whining and crying about not wanting to go. Hopefully it stays that way :D.

I gave it some thought over the weekend about my major and decided to change it. I'm no longer in the Medical Assistant program. I don't know what I was thinking when I signed up for that. I don't much care for all that medical jargon. I liked my medical terminology class well enough. Very interesting what I learned, but overall, not for me. I changed over to Office Management yesterday. Luckily, there were open slots and I was approved for the add/drop of classes. And I have an online class now. This is definitely more suited to me, I think. I felt as if a weight had been lifted after I got my new schedule, so I think it was the right thing to do.

And one more big Guernsey book is now with Dottie in Illinois! When she's finished reading it, it will be on its way to Christine in New Jersey! Just amazing :D. You guys are all awesome!

I hope things are well with all of you!

Oh! And I must get to the bookstore soon...There's a new dragon kin book and I still don't have it! I must have it. Perhaps tomorrow...


Blodeuedd said...

I hope you will do well with your new classes :)
And i hope you get that dragon book. Just go get him girl

Christine said...

Good morning, Amy!
I think my life is on permanent getting-organized mode. I don't think I've ever been in a state where my house was totally clean and organized... ever. There is always at least one thing I didn't get to or have fallen behind in. And by the time I get to that thing.. two more things have been neglected. It's a whirlwind sometimes. The good thing is that no one seems to notice or mind but me, so I have learned to give my self a break about it all.

With that being said, you'll find a groove. It may take a few weeks, but it'll happen.

I'm so glad to hear Devin had a good start to middle school yesterday. Anna's day was ... well, one for the records, if you ask me, but thank goodness she wasn't upset over any of it and wanted to go back today. LOL. My girls have off tomorrow and Friday for the Jewish New Year and we may try to go to the beach to hang onto summer just a few days more...

It sounds like your change in major is good call for you. Having an online class is pretty cool... so you can sign in and do stuff when it's convenient for you, right?

I wish you and Devin a great school year!!!

Lori said...

Hi Amy! So glad that you were able to transfer into something you think that you'll enjoy more. When you go back to school as an adult, you should try to make it enjoyable :)

I totally hear you about the organization thing, and you're right. The guys don't get it. They just don't obsess over those kind of things like we do. Even though you will get into a groove, as Christine said, don't be surprised if you don't stop feeling like that. I still feel that way. Ugh. Why do women do this to themselves?

So glad that Devin had a great day yesterday.

Have a fantastic day at school today :)

Anna said...

Hi Amy,

Hope your back is feeling a bit better and that Devin had a good first day of school. (((HUGS)))

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy!! *waving*

I'm glad you got your schedule changed, and I'm glad it's online, it'll lighten the load and time spent as school. My son, Kris, is taking his Western Civ class online this semester, and it's some much easier than an extra day driving to school.

Devin is going to rock middle school, it'll be great, and suddenly, he's not going to be little kid anymore or at least he'll think so, lol (always your baby of course). I'm glad he seems to be enjoying it, it's quite a change!

So, your back is doing better, yes? It's so good when you start feeling more like yourself, maybe the online class will allow your back to stay in good shape.

I hope you get to go book shopping soon, I just hit B&N and picked up about 8 ebooks todays, lol. My nook is filling up!

Have a great week, can't wait to see what you come up with for Friday.


Dottie :)

Renee said...

Hey Amy!

So glad to read your update. Sounds like you're wearing a lot of different hats right now. Hang in there, and give yourself time to adjust.

Take care!:-)

Tracy said...

Juggling work/class and home is never as easy for the woman as it is the man. I highly admire single moms as I just don't know how they deal with it all.

Good for you for changing classes. You knew what you wanted, and didn't want, and made the change. I think you'll like the classes.

I need to get that new Aiken book as well. Can't wait to read it!

Amy C said...

Tomorrow is now today and I still don't have Last Dragon Standing :(. Perhaps tomorrow...

Thank you all so much for your thoughts! One of these days I'll get organized and fall into a routine!

And Anna, my back is feeling much better :). That helps alot with my focus and organization when I don't have back pain to deal with on top of everything else.