Sunday, October 10, 2010

Corn Maize!

How the heck are you? I seem to be falling behind on my blogging again. Trying to keep up with everything is sometimes very difficult. I feel awful that I didn't do my flash fiction this past week :(. I did mention to Dottie that maybe I need to cut back to every other week, and I think I will, but you guys can still do it every week! I don't want to let this challenge slip away. I love doing it with you all.

But I did manage to get a day away with Devin! I asked him while we were eating lunch this afternoon when the last time we did anything, just the two of us, and I think it was our trip to Erie, PA. That was back in August! Today me and Devin went and explored some corn mazes! And it was a much needed outing, just the two of us, and our first time doing a corn maze (Did you know that maize is another word for corn?)

There were three mazes, each one more difficult than the next. Oh, and in the first one, you find these little signs and you mark a color on your finger. There's a color for each finger. When you get done with the maze and you're all colored, you find your combination on the chart and it tells you your fortune...Devin's said he was AMAZING! I already knew that! Mine said that I take life too seriously! Ha! Ya think? LOL Not me!

The last one we kinda got lost in :). But there were maze cops walking around to help you in case you should need any. And he steered us in the right direction. I think it took about an hour and a half to do all three. Devin was so cute when we were leaving, saying how fun it was and that he was having a good day, but then of course, I realized it was because he was butterin me up for his next request...Lunch! Who am I to say no to someone else cooking for me? :)

There is one more thing left for us to do before Halloween! The Haunted Houses at Fright World!! Oh yeah, I so love this time of year for that night out. Nothin like being scared! Devin says that they changed two of the houses. I'm curious to see if they are scarier than one of them that is being replaced. It was clowns, and it so was not scary. I hope the new ones are! It'll be nice to have something different to wander through :).

And then it's trick-or-treating! Devin wants me to attempt to make him look like a zombie. He's fascinated with those flesh-eaters! It's kinda creepy :).

How are things with all of you?


Anna said...

Looks like you and Devin had a fun outing. Not much is happening here. I've been catching up with the Black Jewels series. Reading Shalador's Lady now. I'll have an email for you soon. ((Hugs))

Patti (Book Addict) said...

That's so cool! I've wanted to do a corn maze forever - there's one about an hour or so from my house. Fun post!

Lori said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time! I've always wanted to do a con maze. My kids scoff at that idea now, so I'll have to drag hubby along when I find one...

Amy C said...

Hey Anna,

Sweet! You're reading Shalador's Lady! I will look forward to your email. I would love to know what you thought. I really enjoyed that one. I can't wait for the nest one to come out in March. The collection of short stories in the BJ world. I'm very curious to read the one about Daemon without his Jaenelle :(.

Amy C said...

Hi Patti!

You should give one a try, but if you have to drive an hour, I'd make sure it's a big one! There are several of them around here. I would love to do a haunted corn maze. That would scare the piss outta me! But ohh, so fun! Maybe next year I'll see if there are any :).

Amy C said...

Hi Lori,

You know, it nearly brings a tear to my eye thinking about that time when Devin won't want to do these things with me anymore. And I'm pretty sure the first time he actually says no, that he has plans with his friends, I will cry :(.

But you should drag your hubby out and do one sometime :)!

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy!

I'm glad you and Devin had such a great time, it's so hard to do as they become older, and less and less dependent of Mom. They seem to grow up way to fast! I'm glad you have this time him, cherish it, because it's fleeting, lol, as I have discovered. My youngest no longer will go to the haunted house with me, now he's a participant in the haunting! I never thought he was that fond of it until he was one of the players, he thrives doing it now though. And wait until he gets that girlfriend, and you find out from facebook!!! (I don't think he would have mentioned it at all, but he wanted to buy a stuffed animal, and when he purchased it, I said, "What's this?" and he said "You know...." and I said "No I don't know" and he said "Well, Jen likes..." I fell through the floor...) LOL Under relationship status, it changes from single into in a relationship, and you go WHAT??? My baby???? He's only 14!! How the heck can he be in a freaking relationship!!! Time truly does fly...


Dottie :)

Lea said...

Looks like you and Devin had a wonderful time. I've never heard of or been to a corn maize Amy!

What a cool idea!

Hey you have a birthday coming up soon.. ;)


Sassy Brit said...

Hi Amy!

Just popping by to see how you are. Glad to hear you are well and out and about.

We have those maize mazes here, too! I got totally lost! LOL Ours is in the shape of a turkey, when you look overhead from a plane. Not that I do that, but you can climb up and look down on it, to see. :)


Christine said...

Hi Amy!
Looks like you and Devin had a great day together. I love corn mazes, but haven't done one in a while. When I went raspberry picking in late August, the farm was preparing to unveil a hugely elaborate corn maze that had an aerial image that was a tribute to boy scouting. It was utterly amazing. I'd love to go back and check it out but that farm is very crowded and "commercial" in the pumpkin season.

I think a zombie is a GREAT costume idea! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Poor Dottie.. . LOL!

Tracy said...

So glad you got to spend a day with Devin. I love corn maze' me crazy. lol Although I can't say I've ever been in one that had a maze cop! :)