Friday, October 1, 2010


I failed this week :(. I have no flash fiction. I got a little busy with school, work, and home.

But I did get a 90% on my math test from last week, and I feel extremely confident that I will get a 100% on my final for my Powerpoint class! I have another test today for my online class that I feel I'll score in the 90's on also.

So I may have failed with my flash fiction challenge this week, but I am doing really well with my school work! And the picture that Michelle submitted for us to work with was such a beautiful one too!


Michelle Greathouse said...


Congrats on your Math test score!

I imagine this is not the first time life is going to interfere with MMFF - we all understand. :)

Have a wonderful weekend and good luck on finals.


Blodeuedd said...

Amy, nooo, I was hoping for you to shed some light in this darkness. of course you can always throw something together tomorrow, I was late once ;)

And yay on you math test!

Anonymous said...

You did NOT fail, my friend :)

Not writing is part of the writing process...I know I know...counter-intuitive. BUT, it is true. The picture will linger in your creative brain and some day


you'll write something beautiful.

You can never fail as long as you are at least thinking of writing. Failing comes when you no longer tend the fire of creativity inside your soul...

Congrats on your awesome test score! That is a big, fat NON-FAIL in my book.

I think I only got one question wrong out of 55 on my microbio, I think I got at the very least a 98%. Two more tests coming up next week...

I think I will try to write a flash for the picture, the image of the lightning has been on my mind for five days now, brewing something wicked and passionate.

you know who

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

As long as you're working Amy, it is never failure, failure is the refusal to try... you have never refused to try.

Congrats on your tests! You're doing beautifully!!


Dottie :)

Amy C said...

Hi Michelle,

Thank you! I should have gotten a 100 on my math, BUT, I seem to have a hard time following directions! My stupid error cost me 10 points :(.

I have a final in my powerfpoint class because it's only a 5 week course, then it goes into Word. I got all my powerpoints done and feel real confident!

Amy C said...

Hey B!

Your comment encouraged me to sit my ass down and write...and I did it! And I think I shed some light amongst all the darkness you guys created! One of us has to be the light bringer :P.

Amy C said...

Well, my friend Anonymous, those are wonderful words of wisdom! When I realized who you were, I had to laugh! You're so funny :).

I did end up writing a flash yesterday for that picture. And it turned out to be fairly long, considering I have felt like I've had no time to think. I do hope you do one of these with us! If you want, I can add yours to my post!

WOW! Only one question wrong, you think! That is awesome. I feel like I would fail miserably in those types of classes.

I took my online class test last night and missed one question...not becasue I didn't know the answer, but because I simply did not answer it! I completely passed over it, didn't even see it until I went over the results. I'd a gotten a hundred on that one too if I could only pay some more attention!

Let all these little mistakes I've been making be learning experiences! Hopefully I can learn from them, right?

Amy C said...

Thank you, Dottie! More wonderful words of wisdom!

Posting this post about failing only encouraged me. And it worked!