Friday, October 15, 2010

Flash Fiction Entry #9

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge Entry #9

* * * * *

by Amy C
Word Count - 476

Death, Emma thought, as she lay in a state of lost consciousness atop the hard slab of rock. The voices called to her, swirling, dancing, enticing her to embrace them, leave behind the sad bleakness of her life. Louder and louder they grew, encapsulating her in the power of their song. Weak from torment that her life had become, she found herself trapped within their machinations. Trapped and lost from who she truly was. Peace was her objective; a little bit of serenity her goal.

As her life blood dripped from the slash on her wrist, coldness seeped under her flesh. A gentle tug pulled her away from the menacing cacophony of voices, followed by a warm comforting whisper, so full of love Emma nearly wept in her dazed state.

“Emma, child, please, you must look for the light in your troubled darkness. It is there, if only you can see past your pain and loneliness.”

Emma struggled to force words past her lips, but barely audible, she replied, “But as I lay here, I can feel the ache of my loneliness fade, as my life fades.”

“No, Emma. What you feel, the voices you hear are in the darkness. They lie. Once you join them they will only leave you to desolation more powerful than you could ever wish to experience in life.”

A tear did trickle out of her eye then, wetting the concrete beneath her, as a sense of truth rang in the softly spoken words.

“Trust in me, Emma, I will show you how to find the light. There is love waiting for you. But you must be strong in your pursuit of it. Believe in yourself. Trust in yourself. Do you trust me, Emma?”

Emma tried to block the whispered words, but fear gripped her as she struggled for truth within the different voices haunting her. Light and dark. Truth and lies. Confusion snaked through her.

“Emma, please, I beg of you. Take my hand. Let me heal you and guide you. Open yourself to me and I will forever be with you.”

An apparition so bright appeared before Emma. She squinted even in her nearly non-existent, weakened state. The love that radiated from the phantom light filled her with such an overwhelming intensity. She drew in her breath, knowing that soon it would be her last.

But the peace and serenity she experienced in the light caused her soul to cry out as she fought the nature of the dark malevolence that promised nothing but lies she could now see. Her hand inched toward the corporeal figure, the one that dripped her life away in a slow, cold embrace.

“That’s it, Emma. Always remember you are never alone.” A tender touch caressed over her wound, and the last thought Emma had before she slipped away into a peaceful slumber was…Life.

* * * * *

This one pretty much came to me as soon as I looked at the picture. I saw her outstretched arm and imagined blood dripping from it. Even in the dark, there is still light :).

I'm looking forward to reading what you all come up with for this beautiful picture!

Have a good weekend :)


Michelle Greathouse said...


Our stories have a similar theme this week - but yours is hopeful, if that makes sense. :)

Great job!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Blodeuedd said...

Hi Amy
You were sure quick today :D

My story

I do not like my own :/

Christine said...

Beautiful, Amy. I love your interpretation.

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Aw, Amy, this one really is beautiful. When you said it was about suicide, I thought, maybe it would be dark, scary, but it's not, at the end she sees her way. I loved it.

Excellent Amy!


Dottie :)

Amy C said...

Hey Michelle,

Yours was hopeful in a sense too, in that she freed herself from a fate she wished not to have. Yours was another great one and I read in a comment that you are doing NaNo too? That is awesome! I wish you, Dottie, and Blodeuedd the best of luck!!

Hey B,

I really enjoyed your flash! Nothing wrong with staying in the light :)!

Amy C said...

Thank you, Christine :). Someday I hope you'll share an interpretation of one with us!

Hi Dottie :),
No, not dark and scary...sad yet hopeful. Thank you! It was a great picture. I like the ones that spark something right away.

Hugs :)

Amy J - Book Addict said...


Amy C said...

Thank so much, Amy J!!!

Tore said...

Happy Birthday. Have a wonderful day.