Sunday, October 31, 2010


It's almost time for the little kiddies to leave the safety of their homes and haunt the neighborhoods in search of those delicious treats and of course to scare away the ghouls and ghosts that would seek to reek havoc on the other side of the veil as it thins! With kids like mine out there, I think the scary monsters need to stay right where they are now that Devin has transformed into a terrifying, flesh-eating zombie!!

I took these pictures with my cell phone. They didn't come out the greatest, but I did finally get the good camera out and took a couple pictures of the end result!

Transformation into a Flesh-Eating Zombie!

Stage One: Apply a layer of liquid laytex, followed by a layer of light gray face paint, then a darker gray.
Stage Two: Apply some liquid laytex and then a piece of toilet paper for the ripped flesh wound look. Then layer with more latex.

Stage Three: Apply gray paint over wound, along with a little bit of black and then a nice amount of red! And don't forget to loll the tongue. There is no smiling! Once the make-up in stage one is applied, all smiling ceases! Zombies DON'T smile!!

Stage Four: Add fake blood...or is that real blood??? *Insert Evil Laugh here--Buhahahahaha!!*
Then pretend you are dead! Should I be worried that my kid loves this disgusting stuff so much??
The end result! Now he's ready to do some serious trick-or-treating! But first I must feed him!

With a full belly of brains and intestines, now he's all set!

Happy Halloween!!


Anna said...

Fantastic. Very Scary! Hope D has a great time tonight. :)

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

OMG Amy!!

He looks great!! He's got that dead stare down too... creepy!! LOL

Hope he has a wonderful time out frightening the neighbors.. (hope he gets loads of candy!!)

Dottie :)

Christine said...


You did a great job with the makeup, Amy! I love the way Devin got into the role for these pictures, too.

Did you end up staying home for the trick or treating? I don't blame you a bit. It was chilly here in NJ, too... I went out with Anna for two hours and came home frozen. Brrr!

Hope you're having a good night and you had a fabulous birthday!