Thursday, January 6, 2011

Flash Fiction by Devin C!

Devin has been wanting to do a Flash Fiction with me for awhile now, but the pictures that are chosen for Monday's challenge, well, he finds them to be mostly too girly for him! He browsed last night and found this action packed photo, and his little mind began spinning.

We worked on this together last night and this morning. All of it was his idea, I just tweaked and revised. It was fun, but most importantly, it was something we did together :). I love seeing him so into something that isn't video games.

You're comments would be most appreciated, encouraging him to keep writing and using his imagination! I hope you enjoy Devin's Flash Fiction!

So without further ado, I present to you, The Great Wooly Wolf by Devin C!

The Great Wooly Wolf
By Devin C
Word count-392

The year was 2145; Gabriel gathered four mutant transformations, Mark, Luke, Brian, and Jacob, to go hunting for the giant woolly wolf.

Deep in the bowels of the catacomb, Jacob saw a mysterious looking torch, so he reached for it, but as he removed it, the walls around him began to collapse. Rubble and debris fell all around them as if dropping from the sky.

“Help me!” yelled Jacob, cowering down with fear, his lobster claw trembling.

“What’s wrong this time” Brian asked impatiently, his bow at the ready.

“Look on the floor. That’s not debris that fell.” Jacob replied with a quiver in his voice.

The five of them looked around and realized they were in the cavern of the wolf. For lying all around them was not debris, but bones of the victims that failed at the task of defeating the giant wooly wolf before them.

Mark scanned the area around him, his shot gun locked and loaded. Slowly he raised the barrel up the catacomb’s destroyed walls. A deep low-pitched growl echoed around them.

Mark’s eyes widened as he saw the great wooly wolf, jaw opened wide. “Guys!” Mark screamed. “There it is. It’s the wolf up on the ledge.”

They all looked up in the direction Mark aimed his weapon.

“Brian,” Mark yelled. “Open fire!”

The wolf leaped down as gun fire and bolts flew at it. With not a single hit the great beast landed mere inches away from Mark.

“This isn’t happening, this isn’t happening.” said Jacob in great fear.

“Everyone on me, I have a plan.” said Luke.

“Yeah, and what might that be?” Mark asked, blasting shotgun shells at the wolf.

Luke got his chainsaw ready, and everyone fell in line behind him, all but Gabriel. “Gabriel, shine your flashlight in its eyes.” Luke demanded.

Gabriel raised her arm; the bright beams of her flashlight momentarily blinded the great beast. In that brief moment Luke charged the wolf with his chainsaw but only managing to cut through its fur. Then with a great gasp of breath Luke slashed his chainsaw and sliced clean through its neck, killing the beast.

“Now we can leave, but don’t forget to take the pelt. It’s worth millions.” yelled Gabriel with excitement.

“Hooahh, another mission accomplished,” Brian exclaimed, and then placed his shotgun in the holster on his back.

* * * *


Amy C said...

You did a great job utilizing the images in the picture!

I love it! Keep that imagination of yours spinning.

Anonymous said...

Lokks like we have a young writer on our hands!! That was amazing! and no, I'm not just saying that. I mean it.

I hope you continue to write and develope as a writer. Remember, writing is part art, part skill, and part intuition. The art part of it means you should look at other people's art (stories) to get a feel for how they do it and to see the many different forms it comes in. The skill part is just means to pay attention in grammar classes, and to learn what makes people tick, since you write FOR and ABOUT people. and the intuition part....don't worry about it Kid, you've got it! It means you were born a writer. Congrats!

I'll look for non-girly pictures...

T, the Brownie lady

Amy C said...

The Brownie lady! LOL!!!

Thanks, Tif! :D

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Wow Devin!!

Lets say you knocked my socks right off!! Dang, Devin, you rock! I wish I could have written like than when I was your age. By now, I'd be a published author!! Fantastic use of imagination! I would love to hear about the gangs next great adventure! Woot! Total Awesome!

Dottie :)

Blodeuedd said...

Great job Devin!

Lol, so our pics were too girly, and here I thought they were so dark..but yes girl dark

Christine said...

Great job, Devin!

What is it with boys and gore? LOL.