Friday, January 21, 2011

Flash Fiction Entry #23

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge #23

The Seeker
By Amy C
Word Count – 641

My salvation lies within sight. If only my tired feet can carry me into the shadows. I run, heart pounding, breath sawing in and out of my lungs. The pain of my exhaustion causes my feet to falter, nearly tripping. But determination drives me. I must not stop. I must reach the darkness of the tunnel. There I can conceal myself from the evil thing chasing me, blending in the dimness until there’s no trace of my being.

How did my life come to this, forever on the run? Evil corrupts this world far more than I ever could have imagined. Now it seems this wickedness will finally get the better of me, for I am trapped if I cannot reach the shadows.

So close. It’s there within my grasp, yet still so far away. I try to gain speed, pushing my weakened body to the edge.

I close my eyes for a brief moment as my legs continue to propel me further. Fear grips a tight hold, I want to look back, but I know it’d be fruitless. I would see nothing, because there is nothing to see. But I can feel its despicable presence. I sense it gaining ground, closing the distance.

Have my feet slowed unawares? Oh, please, let me make it to the darkness of the tunnel.

Cruel laughter echoes in my head, disrupting the steady beat of my pounding feet. One single, tiny heartbeat away from being swallowed into the shadows, a wrenching pain stabs into my shoulders. Thick heavy fingers dig in, snatching me solidly off the ground away from my safe haven. I try to scream, to fight, but cold weight silences my screams, sucking, feeding off the life inside me—draining me. I can’t see the evil that has me in a death-grip, only sense its presence. I dangle a few feet from the ground, hovering, waiting for the end.

Deep resonant words filter into my consciousness. It takes a moment to decipher the meaning. “Do not fear me. Come out of the shadows and walk in the light.” It says to me. “You are one of the lost souls trapped in the In-between. I can help you. I am a hunter, a seeker of those lost.”

I struggle and struggle, attempting to loosen the tight hold it has upon me. I hear the pleas over and over, but unable to comprehend the meaning. Lost soul? Trapped in the In-between? I have always walked in the shadows. It is my place, my home. This evilness knows not what he speaks.

I feel a soft tickle of breath against my ear, and my struggles lessen as I feel my tension ease. “Do not think of this as your death, but as your rebirth,” the phantom voice whispers. And then that dreadful pressure forms once again upon my lips, pressing against my breast as the life is sucked from me.

Moments pass, waiting…waiting for my death, yet still I breathe. The moment never arrives. I hear a voice encouraging me to open my eyes. I feel different sensations whirling inside me. They nearly overwhelm me with their magnitude. With all the courage I possess, I manage to crack my lids a fraction, knowing in the pit of my stomach that my captor had changed me.

What I could not see before, I can see now, however hazy. My subjugator holds me in his arms. I can not move, can barely breathe as my vision focuses on his form. He readjusts me, attempting to stand me on my own two feet. The shock of my transformation, or as I recall him saying, my rebirth, is more than I can handle. I feel myself slipping away, but before all goes black, I see him smiling warmly down at me and for some strange reason I feel safe.

* * * * *

I sorta went over the word count with this one. Usually I'm under. This one was kinda different, but I like it, and I hope you did too :).

Have a great weekend!


Lea said...

Great story Amy, I did enjoy it..

Dark and mysterious. ;)

Amy C said...

Hey Lea,

I did it backwards in that you think she is normal and he is not, yet halfway through you learn that it is he who is normal and human. I thought it was kinda cool and different :).

Thanks for reading!

Blodeuedd said...

I kept shouting in my head "what is going on?" Very thrilling, and that end, I loved it. We finally have you back who writes sweet stories, lol

Michelle Greathouse said...


Very tense and almost frantic. Loved it!


Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy

Loved it. Very intense, and we still don't know the whole story. So, we'll get more right?

D :)