Friday, January 28, 2011

Flash Fiction Entry #24

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge #24
The Wedding Night
By Amy C
Word Count – 447

“Follow me. I can show you things the likes of which you’ve never seen.” The mysteriousness of his words lingered in the space around her as his form drifted away, through the old and rusted gate. Where that way led she knew not. She was expected to put her trust in him, this man she barely knew but was now wed.

Indecision kept her rooted to the spot. However, she gazed on in fascination at his retreat. The full black cape he wore disrupted the peaceful slumber of leaves underfoot, swirling them in an eerie dance in his wake.

Temptation ate away at her. The thrill of what he might show her lured her body in motion. As she passed through the gate onto the grounds of his estate, the air whispered a different tune, smelled curiously sweet.

Her inexperience and virgin mind had no way of anticipating what she may expect on her wedding night. The rudimentary knowledge she had gained in no way prepared her for the picture that played out before her very eyes once she stepped foot over the threshold of her new residence.

Men and women in all manner of undress were scattered about in sexually explicit poses she’d never have been able to conjure in her mind. Embarrassment and fear coiled inside, yet she found herself curious and unable to look away. Instead her eyes roamed the spacious room. One man knelt between the spread thighs of a woman, while another gripped the hips of a woman bent over the arm of a chair as he filled her. A tightness squeezed low in her belly. Desire, perhaps? As her gaze traveled, the eroticism of the scene taking place had her heart racing, her breathing shallow.

“Do you like what you see, my sweet?”

She nearly jumped at the husky words spoken in a hot, seductive whisper near her ear. His warm fingers trailed enticingly across the exposed flesh of her chest. She wanted to shake her head no, attempted to voice her denial, but instead she found her head tilting in acknowledgment. Truth be told, she liked what she saw, hoped that her new husband would soon engage in these wicked acts of sensuality with her.

“This is only a taste of the pleasures I have to offer you.” His body was now pressed behind her, his breath warm on her neck.

“Show me more,” she sighed and leaned into him, giving in to the titillating sensations spiraling through her, intensifying the growing hunger for his touch.

He laughed quietly then inhaled deeply her fragrance. “I will show you a lifetime of pleasures.”

And of that she had no doubt.

* * * * *

Well, this one went in a direction I had not anticipated :). Definitely much lighter than most of the last ones I've done. Perhaps it's a mood thing.

* * * * *

Last night I got a call on my cell, these people had called last month but I never called them back. You see, when I went to visit my cousin in November we filled out entry forms to win this awesomely cool Dodge Challenger. I didn't win the Challenger, however, I did win a 3 day cruise for two to the Bahama's. I never called back becasue I assumed there were plenty of fees that would make it not worth it (such as the roundtrip airfair).

There are a few catches. The first, we have to drive to their nearest office to pick up the cruise package...which is in Wilkes Barre, PA! And we have to pay port fees and taxes, which is about $200 per person. That doesn't seem so bad though, considering the package is worth $1200 (It does include airfare!) So it seems we will be driving down to PA in two weeks! It's about 5 1/2 hours away. We were going to drive down to the southern tier for the weekend anyway, we'll just go there instead :). We have a year to use it, we're thinking maybe in October/November. Never been on a cruise before.

The lady is supposed to call back on Wednesday so we can set up a time with her. I'll have to make sure there are no other catches when she does.

I start my job in one more week! I'm gonna be workin my ass off soon. Two jobs? What have I got myself into?? :)

Have a great weekend!
See you Monday for the next Monday Morning picture prompt!


Michelle Greathouse said...


Ooo, a naughty little story to start the morning off. :) Love it! I always thought those stuck up Victorians were freaky in private. LOL

Congrats on the cruise, I hope you have a blast.


Blodeuedd said...

YAY, awesome win!!

And hihi, I have missed your naughty stories. I do enjoy those

Amy C said...

Thanks, Michelle!

Makes you wonder how many of those overly reserved ladies out there got that freaky inner-self. Nothin wrong with a little freaky!

Thank you also, B!

I had no intentions of going anywhere 'naughty' with this one. It just happened! :)

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy!

It is a naughty house of love and lust, lol!! We don't get many flashes of this kind.. Wow!! Glad to have you back flashing with us... none of the rest of us seems to have a talent for the naughty!!

A cruise sounds great, if there are no strings attached. Would love it!

You're going to be one crazy busy lady!!

Dottie :)