Monday, January 24, 2011

The Journey is Once Again Underway!

I was informed the other day that The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society book is once again on it's next journey! Thank you, Dottie!

Christine, it should be arriving this week!

I can't believe that I sent this book out May 22, 2009, and it is still lingering out there, traveling around. I get so excited when I know it's headed to the next person, but then nervous that this is going to be the time it gets lost in the mail! I would be so sad. It's been all over the world, in the hands of many wonderful ladies. But I know it'll be fine. It'll make its way back to me in a much loved, and well-read condition! :)

It was this passage from the afterward that made me think it would be a wonderful idea to send this book out on a journey to my book-loving friends...

"...Its members are spread all over the world, but they are joined by their love of books, of talking about books, and of their fellow readers. We are transformed-magically-into the literary society each time we pass a book along, each time we ask a question about it, each time we say, "If you liked that, I bet you'd like this." Whenever we are willing to be delighted and share our delight, as Mary Ann did, we are part of the ongoing story of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society."

Thank you all so much for participating!


Lori said...

I'm really excited to see it once it makes its way back to you, Amy!

Amy C said...

I'll be sure to post all about it with pictures!

There is one more person on the list after Christine it needs to journey to. The last one is my neighbor.

Thank you, Lori! :)

Tracy said...

Such a good book! I can't believe it's still out there. That's great!

I went out and bought my own copy after reading the one sent around because I loved it so much. I've loaned it to so many people - now I'm wondering who the heck has it. lol

Anna said...

I'm happy to see this book is still traveling. I loved it! I even got my hard-core mystery reading Mom to read it. One of these days I'm gonna re-read it. :)

Amy C said...

Hi Tracy!
I know, I forget sometimes that it's still out there, and then I think how long it has's really cool!
I think that is so wonderful that you bought a copy and it is also being passed around. It's one of those books :).

Hey Anna!
As soon as I get it back I plan on rereading it. Your mom did read it? Did she read my copy or did you buy one also?

Lea said...

Hey Amy!

Wow! It's awesome that your book is continuing it's journey. :-) It will definitely have a story to tell when it finds it's way home!

I e-mailed you via Facebook so I hope you received it okay. ;)


Christine said...

Woohooo! Finally. I've been so patient. :)

Translated: Dottie!! What the heck took you so long?!!!
LOL Kidding!!! .. ;)

I'll try to get it back to you by May 22, 2011, Amy.

Christine said...

oh, wait. There's more peeps after me! Sweet! :)

Amy C said...

Yes, ma'am, there is one more after you! I must get in touch with her ans see if she is still interested. I hope so!