Friday, January 7, 2011

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Entry #21

Good morning! Its Friday and I have a flash fiction to post. I'm looking forward to reading what you guys have for this one. I miss doing that.

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Entry #21

by Amy C
Word Count - 331

My story, my life, is written within the pages I hold upon my lap, altered to suit the regretted choices of my faltered decision-making and the tragedies I harbor. Isn’t that the way of stories? When pen touches paper, we can be who we choose to be. The simple changing of a word can alter a feeling, a moment, a choice.

I live a sad and lonely life; my father an abusive drunk, my mother dead.

I live a happy and content life; my father proud and honorable, my mother doting and kind.

Now I ask you, how can you know which is a truth, or a lie? If I told you the former is true, you would believe it, but the latter is what I’d prefer to reflect back on, and in writing my story, I have changed my perception of who I am and the state of my existence, and if I read it enough times, perhaps then I will believe the lies I’ve written, believe that in fact I truly have had a content and harmonious life.

As the words of my life flowed from my mind onto paper, I wore a mask. While hiding behind my disguise, I created the man I want to be, the man I have always wanted to be. But I still find that when I remove the crafted plate, I am unchanged. The loneliness and regret remain living inside me. Yet I sit here against this tree, the silence of the night soothing me, as I prepare to hide behind my disguise and read my story once more. Perhaps this time I will feel a change inside me, a start to the revised life I long to believe in.

I turn the final page, and slowly remove the mask. I weep into the darkness. I might be able to fool my mind, but my heart, my ever broken and blackened heart, knows and refuses the lies of which I have carefully crafted.

* * * *

Looking forward to seeing what Monday's prompt is going to be, and the stories it inspires.

Have a great weekend!


Blodeuedd said...

Yay, Amy you are back :D
But what a sad story, poor guy.

Misty said...

How terribly dark. I like it though :D

Amy C said...

Sad and dark must be my mood :).

The guy just looks to be in a dark and sad mood, doesn't he?

Demitria said...

I like it, sad dark and all.

New follower...

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy!

It is sad and dark, but it speaks of the truth... true feeling are only ours for the seeing, what we write for others to read is how they will perceive the writer. Misleading lies or real truths.. the reader will never know.

I love it! As always, beautifully done!

Dottie :)

Christine said...

Amy, this is great. I love how you made his story such a contemplative struggle.