Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My husband has been indulging me lately! I have some amazing new additions I've added to my library room. They are so awesomely cool. I loved the way the room looked before with all my framed author goodies, but I also like to change things, especially when it's with something as cool as these are. I am so completely fascinated with Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, so to have these things just makes my room all the more special to me.

Harry Potter's and Lord Voldemort's wands! Along with Gandolf the Grey plush that Anna sent me! And shortly before Christmas I purchased that Harry Potter movie book. Some fabulous little things in there to browse through!

These are two of the swords from The Lord of the Rings. Frodo's sword, Sting and Aragorn's sword, Anduril. There are still two more that I'd like to add! Anduril doesn't sit snug in the case for mounting on the wall, but Shawn is going to take care of that...somehow :).

There are so many other things that I want to add from the Harry Potter line and The Lord of the Rings line at Noble Collection...Someday :)! And then this summer, the end of June, we are planning a family vacation down to Universal Studios in Orlando! OMG, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!! How freakin amazing is that going to be? I can only imagine what I will bring home from there!

While I was cleaning and reorganizing the other day, I came across a photo of me and my sister that we had done when I went to visit her almost 13 years ago. I don't know why it was put away, but I thought I should hang it up.

I love this room. It's definitely a reflection of who I am and what I love most and hold dearest to me!


Anna said...


Your new changes look great. I love all the LOTR & HP stuff. :)

Blodeuedd said...

Love that room!
Note to bf...I need a room of my own when we get a bigger place, just like this one .)

Christine said...

You have wands??
And swords??
So cool. :)

I love the pic of you and your sister. What a nice find!

Anonymous said...

What a great room! I love that you have LOTR swords.

Patti (Book Addict) said...

What a terrific room! Love the wands :) Going to see the Wizarding World of HP will be so much fun - my cousin works there (lucky!) and he says it's pretty terrific!

Amy C said...

Hey Anna,
I don't know where you got that plush at, but he is so cute!

Yes, B! That would be so awesome :). It's nice to go in there and sit, it's peaceful.

Christine! Yes, I have wands...and swords! Me and Devin found this one wand set you can buy. You select 10 wands and you get the display case free. 300 bucks though! But so cool!
That picture of me and my sister sometimes makes me want to cry when I look at it :(. But I'm glad I hung it up. It should be up in that room.

Hi Diana! Thank you! I am so fascinated with LOTR. There are some really great collector pieces I'd love to add some day.

Patti! Your cousin is LUCKY! Wow, he works there. That is so cool. I am so excited about going. I want my own wand from Olivander's! LOL I'm sure it won't be nearly as magical an experience as it was for Harry when he chose his wand, or rather his wand chose him, but it'll still be a fantastic time!

Anna said...

They are too cute!

I found it on Amazon. The have other characters too. Frodo, Legolas & an Orc.

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Love it all Amy! It's amazing what we collect, what we love! So nice you have a place to show it all off!

Great pic of you and your sister.. you're both gorgeous!

What fun, a family vaca to Harry Potter's Wizarding World!! I'm so jealous!!

Dottie :)