Sunday, January 30, 2011

Witches and Dragons and Faeries, Oh My!

I recently discovered Nene Thomas art and figures! Aren't they so pretty?

And very sexy!

I'm thinking those would look stunning in my library room with all those amazing fantasy books that I own :).

And then there are these two...

We are also redoing our bedroom and these wall plaques I think would look perfect on the walls. They are 8x10 and hang from a silky ribbon.

I could spend lots of money on pretty!

What things do you like to collect? When I was younger I was fascinated with carousels. I had a ton of them. But when I was 18 and moved up to New York I had them shipped here and sadly several of them were broken when they arrived. I sort of lost interest after that. I also think that as I got older, they didn't seem very adult-like to collect :). For awhile we were buying Seraphim angles. I have about 7 of them upstairs in the hall. They are very pretty, but also were a bit expensive and we just stopped buying them. I suppose these figures are no less expensive, but oh, they are so pretty!


Blodeuedd said...

I know, she makes such pretty pics :D And I did not know she had figurines too

Anna said...

I love Nene Thomas Art. :) Jessica Galbreth is another great fantasy artist.

I collect Pez, but I have so many now that they are packed away. Here and there I also collect Tinkerbell, Dragons and Star Wars stuff. I also have a nice size collection of bookmarks. ;)

Lea said...

Oh, those are beautiful Amy, just lovely. And, they are so you. I've seen this art before, just not connected the name of the artist.

I like the work of Patrick Nagel, I have a couple of his posters framed and on the wall. I'd love to own a numbered print someday and add more of his art to the walls. (when they are painted)

Thanks for sharing.

Amy C said...

Hey B,

They are so pretty. And the pictures on the internet looks like they have some amazing detail!

Hey Anna,

There is one piece by Jessica Galbreth that I would love to have. It's 'Love Springs Eternal'. So pretty and romantic!

Oh yes, you collect Pez. I bought you one once :). And bookmarks, I also have a nice little collection of those too!

Hey Lea,

I saw the figures with the dragons and thought those would be perfect. Now I can't seem to stop thinking about them :). After I got my tatoo, I have thought about going back and seeing if the guy can redesign it and somehow add a dragon in with the flower and vine. I think it would be amazing if he could, but I'd have to sit through the pain of it...UGH!! Maybe someday :).

I have never heard of Patrick Nagel before. I hope someday you are able to get a numbered print of his!! Nothing like getting that special piece you've always wanted!

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy!

These are truly beautiful! Love the Nene Thomas figurines.. sexy and magical. And the poster would also look so good in your library room...

Too Cool! Thanks for sharing!

Dottie :)

Dana said...

Hey Amy,

I have a couple of the Nene Thomas figurines and I love them! I randomly saw two beautiful fairies in SC a few years ago and said screw it and bought them both! A bit of a splurge but they sit on my random shelf in my living room and I love them more every time I see them.

I say go for it!


Amy C said...

Hey Dottie!

Actually, they aren't posters, they're 8x10 ceramic tiles! And the description says the coloring on them is amazing. I think two of them will be the first that I buy. The one with the dragon and then another that I found with a dragon also for my bedroom when it's all done. Got some amazon gift cards from my swagbucks to!

Hey Dana!

That is awesome that you have a couple figurines! And I am thrilled to hear that you love them more everytime you see them. The look amazing on the internet, I can only imagine what they look like in real...all the pretty detail.

I'm going to take your advice and go for it!! :)

Christine said...

Amy, those fairy statues are really very pretty. I love the plaques even more though. :)

When I was young, I had a model horse collection that I treasured. I also had a model dollhouse and I collected miniature furniture. I at least still have that.

Now I collect mostly just books! :)

Amy C said...

Hi Christine!

What is it with girls and horses? :) I always wanted one of those model wooden doll houses, never got one though :).

I just ordered two plaques and one figurine! So excited!