Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday Flash Fiction Entry #26 on Saturday

Monday Morning Flash Fiction Challenge #26

A bargain Made
by Amy C
Word Count - 312

I stood alone contemplating the predicament I now found myself in. The aggressive, angry waves crashed around me, taunting my already turbulent thoughts, silent words reminding me of my obligations. How did I get myself into this? But there was no going back now. I had made my choices, and I must accept them, for there was no other way.

The tether of my dilemma tugged at me, inching me toward my fate, the control I once had lessening as the moments passed. Time was drawing near. I pondered my decisions, regret lashing through me. I realized in that instant I had chosen poorly, yet it was too late for my change of heart. My destiny was no longer my own.

I had made a deal, a bargain if you will, for riches and power. At the time, the price had been irrelevant, yet now that payment was demanded, I found myself scared and terrified, not ready to fulfill my promise. But promises made in blood with the devil could never be ignored.

So there I stood on the rocky shores overlooking the mysterious dwelling of my future home. It stood shrouded in a misty blanket. My heart pounded profusely. Invisible shackles clamped round my ankles.

“It is time. Come to me.” The disembodied voice cut through my frightened thoughts, and I was yanked from where I stood. Yet I did not plummet into the vicious water before me. It all happened instantaneously—one second I was standing on the rocky shore and the next, I was standing upon a set of moss covered stairs, leading up to a massive door. It stood ajar in eerie welcome. My stomach threatened to revolt at the sudden shift of locations.

A phantom hand caressed my cheek. I shuddered at the lack of warmth it possessed. My fate was before me now—the Devil’s bride.

* * * * *

Well, I managed to sit down this morning, after reading all of your wonderful flashes, and do mine. Ya'll inspired me :). I had started it the other day, only had a paragraph written. My thoughts for the idea were to reflect my feelings toward my new job and the overwhelming amount of information I need to learn. The devil in this case would be my lovely manager! HAHA! She is evil for getting me into this. I had asked myself a few times at the beginning of the week just what the hell had I gotten myself into! But it's all good. I will learn it, and be good at it! I'm determined.


Blodeuedd said...

No no no, I need more! WIll go give us more? ;)

I do wonder what happens next

Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read said...

Great little story! I love the language and the plot, very dark. The devil's bride? That's tough luck, alright.:) If you continue this, I'd be more than happy to read the possible sequel!

Amy C said...

Hi B and Irena,

I have not done a sequel to any of these flashes. Usually I feel as if they are done. For me they have a sense of ending. However, I do think this would be the one I might be willing to try a continuation with if the right prompt was used :).

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy!

Oh, excellent my dear! I love the whole idea of the devil's bride, and you know the devil will be in the details.... and it is crying for more details... what induced her to make her choice? why? where? how???? I'd love to read more!

You're right about your job, you will learn, you will overcome, you will be a great success!!


Dottie :)