Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flash Fiction Entry and other news...

Has it really been since the end of February that I posted last? Time seems to be going by so fast with this new job. Only having a few hours in the evening makes it hard to find time for everything.

I did manage to write my Flash fiction for last week! I meant to post it Friday night, but I was pre-occupied with a trip to Cleveland. I had intended to go alone, just to get away, but my cousin ended up meeting me there. Got drunk and had to drive home the next day with a was awesome! LOL We've already made plans to do it again!

The new job is going great. I thought it was going to be too much for me, but now that it's been two months, it isn't so bad! I did quit the mall :(. As much as I hated going in there after working all day at Ingram, I miss it terribly and it's only been a week! But it's knowing that I won't be going in anymore, at least not to work. I was in there yesterday for a few hours to hang out :). It's hard to stay away.

Anyway, here is my flash for last week!

Flash Fiction Entry


By Amy C
Word Count - 363

She ran, her feet carrying her to a future she dreamed so often of. If only she could make it to the gates of deliverance before her body gave in to the gnawing need to rest.

She stumbled, falling an endless downward spiral to the hard and brittle earth. Her heart sank with the weight of her exhaustion. Tears gathered in her eyes, spilling forth a trail of her loneliness. Failure. Always a failure.

He promised he’d be there waiting on the other side where the lushness, the beauty held such an intense contrast to the desolate scenery she knelt within. His voice called to her, whispering in her mind, encouraging her to rise.

She struggled on shaky legs to stand, gathering what strength remained. His remembered touch enticed her; the gentle press of his lips, the warm embrace of his arms around her. He was everywhere, yet nowhere.

One step, two steps, but her fatigued muscles would carry her no further. She collapsed mere feet from the gates entrance. She wept silently, for she possessed not enough energy for more. Body trembling, she drifted into darkness.

She stirred as something tickled her consciousness.

“Rise, my sweet. Come to me.”

That voice. She knew that loving, melodic caress. But she could not bring herself to full awareness. If she lay here a little longer, renew her strength then she could continue.

The peaceful chirping of birds woke her. She stretched, yawning, expecting pain in every muscle, surprised when she felt no hint of strain. How long had she laid there sleeping? She collected herself and rose. Her no longer tired feet carried her body the last few steps through the gate. Her heart expanded as the man she sought entered her mind. Soon they would be together, his promise lingering.

She searched, gazing this way and that. Where was he? He should be here awaiting her arrival. Desperation stole the steady beat of her heart. And then realization struck, as all around her only an empty silence existed. No more did she hear the caress of his voice.

“I could wait no longer,” a distant memory of words echoed in the hollow stillness.



Blodeuedd said...

What, what? Did she die? Oh, good chilling story :D So glad you are back Amy!

And that work is good too

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy!

So glad you got to write a flash for this one! And an excellent flash it is! So desolate, so alone and when she thinks she going to find the comfort of her love, he has left her.

I'm B, it is chilling and so happy you were able to do this one!!

I'm glad you had fun in Cleveland, and that your cousin got to go with you, seeing how I couldn't, sitting at home and all (she said enviously...) LOLOLOL We all need those little trips away from it all to keep the sanity we need to live our lives!!


Dottie :)

BJS said...

That was really good.....

Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun in Cleveland.

I loved the story even if the end is so sad.