Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flash Fiction Entry #??

Monday Morning Flash Fiction


By Amy C
Word count - 401

Skeletons of long ago lay in mocking silence behind her. She wept from the injustices of a past she could not change, a present she felt trapped within, and a future unable to see.

Her tears no longer comfort, no longer ease the loneliness that haunts. Pain and sorrow define her. The shattered pieces of who she is drift farther and farther apart. Lost and aimlessly traveling, searching for that safe haven that will heal the broken soul she harbors.

Hovering in front of her are the scattered remnants of herself. Trembling as waves of fear crash into her, she reached, slowly extending her arm. Her fingers hesitantly gripped one of the floating frames. Her eyes watered as she gazed at the moving image etched within; a child, carefree, laughing and smiling, without the weight of the blackness that would one day rip her apart. Cradling it against her heart, eyes closed, willing herself to feel that lightheartedness, the piece slowly melded into her. She gasped at the sensation.

Encouraged and empowered, she reached for another. This one burned where it touched flesh. Forcing her eyes to view the image, she reeled back at the faceless man she saw. Horrible feelings of hurt and bleakness, loneliness and despair threatened to taint the previous reflection. Her skin crawled and her stomach revolted, twisting and knotting, ready to spill its contents.

She took a deep breath, drawing strength from the carefree child that was her. “No more,” she shouted. “I will live no more with the torment of you and your wicked deeds.” With all her might, with every ounce of courage she possessed, she flung the frame from her, watching it shatter against an invisible wall. The dark tendrils that had so expertly wove around her heart, breaking her, fortifying the layers of her shield, allowing nothing in, dissolved. No longer would they bind her to a past that caused so much pain and tears, a sense of self lost and outside of reality.

She reached for another piece and another, hugging them preciously close until each found their place. Ones that she thought too far from reach began to drift closer toward her. Her heart grew lighter as memories of contentment and love penetrated the unraveling layers. So long she’d lived in broken shambles. Her soul mended, yet fragile, she wept with joy of the wholeness she now felt within herself.

* * * * *

Been quite awhile since I did one! Great image Dottie and Michelle...


Blodeuedd said...

Great piece Amy! And I am so happy that you are back again, yay :D

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy!

I'm with B! Lovely piece... sad, poignant, and at the end, maybe she finds herself. Love it.

Most excellent!

Dottie :)