Friday, December 23, 2011

The Journey is over...

For now anyway...(:

I received The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society in the mail last week from the last person on the journey! I was so flippin excited to finally have the book back and to read through all the letters that you guys were so kind enough to write. This book means so much to me, and because of you all, it's a treasure that I will hold dear to me forever. I'm so thankful to all of you that participated.

I wanted to thank you all so much for doing this with me. It seems like so long ago that I started the Guernsey Journey...well, I suppose two and half years ago is a long time. Now that I have it back, I don't want to send it out anywhere else, but it has one more journey to go on...back up to New York, it must travel. My dear friend, Barb, who I always used to take books to to read has not read it yet. I had planned on driving it to her when I did get it back but at the time I had no idea I would not be living in NY anymore. So it must make its way back into an envelope and journey once more.

I am usually so anal about my books always keeping that new book appearance. However, with this one, I am so happy that it has that well-read, worn look to it. It's perfect!

Sometime last year, I was in Pier 1 Imports and I found this book box and thought it would be the perfect thing to store this book in.

And the reason I decided to mail this book out and start the Guernsey Journey was because of the final paragraph in the Afterward...

--It's members are spread all over the world, but they are joined by their love of books, of talking about books and of their fellow readers. We are transformed-magically-into the literary society each time we pass a book along, each time we ask a question about it, each time we say, "If you like that, I bet you'd like this." Whenever we are willing to be delighted and share our delight, we are part of the ongoing story of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.--

Thank you all, again, so much for being part of this "Guernsey Journey" with me.


Blodeuedd said...

How sad, the journey is over, but the book is home at last :)

And I am so happy to have been part of this journey

Amy C said...

Thank you, Blodeuedd (:

I'm happy it was able to make its way all the way to Finland to you! How cool is that!

Amy C said...

And to Eva in Finland also!

The_Book_Queen said...

I don't know what this book is, but I do remember back when you first started this journey and I was seeing it popping up on most of the blogs I follow. :D I'm glad to see it is finally back, safe and sound and better from the journey, I think, due to all the love and friendship that it has seen.

You know, it is things like this that make me wish I had good friends around me (close to me in location that is) that read the books I do, that have the passion for it that I have. It's always more fun to share the joy of a good book with others rather than just reading it and moving on to the next one, something that I do more often than not. Don't get me wrong, I've met many great new book lovers since I started my blog, but none of them live near me, and unforunately I don't think any of them are truly close friends. We talk occasionally on the blogs, but that's it, you know? Maybe I'm just being sappy right now because of the Holidays--if so, ignore my rambling! LOL.

BTW, I love that box you have for it. That is the perfect place to keep it safe!


Amy C said...

I totally understand what you mean. You meet alot of people online and you share your thoughts and suggestions. It's a wonderful thing, but to have those friends be able to come over for a cup of coffee and sit with them face to face and share those thoughts and suggestions would just add so much more.

It was nice when my mom moved up to NY about 5 years ago. She loves to read also, so we had alot of fun shopping and talking books. Now that I'm in KY with my aunt and cousin, I don't have that with my mom anymore, but my aunt is a reader also! So now I have her to talk about books with. And we stop at the book store occasionally.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, TBQ :)

Anna said...

Beautiful! Glad it made it back to you safely. I'm amazed how long the book traveled, 2009 seems like forever ago. I ended up having my mom read it and sent a copy to my aunt. :)

Tracy said...

That's so cool! I think it's in pretty great condition for going so many places. I love the book box. Thanks for letting me be a part of the journey. :)

Lori said...

How wonderful that it made its way back to you just in time for Christmas!

Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

Christine said...

I'm so happy to have been a part of this journey with you and everyone else! It was such a special book and so meaningful to share with friends.

I love the box you found! What a special treasure.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas, Amy! xo

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Amy!!

It amazing that the book went all over the world, to places I'll never see in person, to lands I can only image, to people I've become close in a cyber sort of way. It's awesome that it's journey is nearly over, only one more set of hands to cherish it's worn cover. Thanks for allowing it to go on it long journey, the world over!!


Dottie :)

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