Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fairy Garden

I Spent my Labor Day, laboring over a mini fairy garden! The other day we were discussing the future plans of gardening for the backyard that we're going to get started on in the Spring. I want to put a little mini fairy landscape in the garden area up by the house. I looked at tons of pictures online and think they are just so fun and cute...a little fairy house tucked away with some mini decorations within a larger garden. I looked up different fairy houses, and decided that I could make my own. With a little bit of bark mulch, some moss and a little birdhouse, I could make just what I want. As cute as the ceramic and resin ones are, I wanted something more woodsy and nature-looking.

In the process of looking, I thought, damn, I'm gonna have to wait until the Spring to get started on this. So I decided to do a little mini garden for in the house. I went shopping yesterday and gathered up some supplies and then went for a walk down the trail behind my house and found some fun things to add to the natural habitat...some acorns, bark with moss and some twigs that I ended up using to make legs for a mini bench along with some bark from my mulch for the seat and back.

I think it turned out rather nicely. Now I just need a fairy!

 We also planted a few trees in the backyard! It feels good planting things and I love that you can still plant so late in the year down here. I had a fruiting pear tree by the deck that I really liked up in New York. It had a nice form to it and stays small, so we picked out another one of those and put it outside our bedroom window. The other one is an autumn maple that we planted in the backyard toward the property line. I can't wait to get started on the landscaping next year. I have all these ideas and plans in my head. It's going to look real nice when we're done.

Hope you all had a nice weekend!


Anna said...

I love it! What a cool idea. In no way do I have a green thumb, but yours turned out great. :)

Tracy said...

What a great idea! I how you worked so much color into it. So cute!

Amy C said...

Thank you, Anna and Tracy!

I picked up some led tealight candles this afternoon. Should give it a little glow in the evening :)

Christine said...

First I have to say it's SO WONDERFUL having you blog again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back. :)

The fairy garden is adorable! When Maria was young, we made a tiny one outside up against a tree. It basically looked like a doorway into the tree... like a little foyer stuck out a few inches and then we imagined it went into the hole at the base of the roots. Then we made a little path with stones and used some pieces of bark and sticks to make a table and chairs. So cute. You're making me want to do it again in the spring just for myself!! I don't think the girls would be interested in that sort of thing anymore. :(

Remind me in the spring to do this!

Christine said...

oh and LOVE the fruit trees! Any interest in starting a vegetable garden? Looks like you get a lot of sun!

Amy C said...

Thank you so much, Christine!! It feels good to be back in touch again. That's awesome you did a little garden when Maria was younger. I really think you should do one again just for yourself! I will be sure to remind you!!

I can't wait to add more trees and landscaping to the back yard. We picked up two more trees yesterday, two crape myrtles. I think they are so pretty. When we get them planted I'll post about them. We ripped up the entire front yard landscape to do our own. The previous owners planted some strange looking shrub tree that kind of is like a really huge butterfly bush and way too many boxwoods, so not a fan of boxwoods. We are in the process of redoing it to our liking.

As far as a vegetable garden...yes, we are going to do a small one next year! There is an area for it already that the previous owners had used. It's all boxed in with topsoil. I think it might be about 4x8. Not that big, but big enough for a few different kinds of plants.