Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lusting for Covers

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This book has been released in hardcover since last year, but I want it in paperback to go with the rest of the series and so far there still is no known release date. The books have been out in Australia for quite awhile now, it drives me crazy that it's taking so long for each book to release in the US. I love this series and her other series, The Hythrun Chronicles. I'm halfway through the second book in that one. She's an excellent author, great characterization and world building. This is the epic fantasy stuff I love reading. There's even a little bit of romance in them :).

Not so much lusting for the cover of this one, but I am seriously craving the words within!

Jennifer Fallon
Book 4 - The Tide Lords

The magical Tide has turned and the Immortal Lords once again have their full power. The Immortal Lord Cayal welcomes this power as a means to an end—his end, preferably.  Cayal has wanted to cease his existence for longer than human history and it looks like he might finally get his wish.  Rumors swirl that the Chaos Crystal, the mysterious prism that brought the Immortals to the world, has been found. Cayal is determined to seize the gem.

Among those who search for this long-lost object is Cayal’s former lover, the very mortal Lady Arkady.  She’s been captured by Jaxyn, a Tide Lord who is decidedly against Cayal and is seeking the Crystal for his own nefarious schemes. Arkady escapes, and is off on her desperate search…for if the gem falls into the hands of the Immortals, what will become of humanity?

The stakes are high, with mortal and immortal fighting to grasp this ultimate prize. Whoever holds the Crystal can decide the fate of the world.


C.S. Maxwell said...

The cover makes me shiver, lol.
I am not much into fantasy, but sometimes I do like to dig into a good one. I'll have to check it out.
Here is my L4C:

Mariann at Belles Book Bag said...

Great cover!! I have never hear of this book or author before. I will have to check this one out at Goodreads. Thanks for sharing!!! Have a great rest of the weekend.

My L4c:

Amy C said...

Hey C.S. and Mariann,

I always love a good fantasy, and this series is a really good one. She has some great dialogue and the writing is very smooth. I love the way the Gods interact with each other and the human world.

The_Book_Queen said...

;) Thanks for joining the fun, Amy! Great cover pick, although I think I'm with CS; it does make me shiver a bit at the thought of that environment! lol

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Amy C said...

Yeah, my cover doesn't exactly depict anything lustful! lol Hopefully one of these days one of my covers will have one of those sexy guys or gals being portrayed in a sexy manner.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend too :)

Wickedly Delicious said...

Awesome cover.

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