Saturday, September 8, 2012

Oops...Impulse Buyers, We Are!

The Old...

Hadn't planned on redoing the front yard landscaping this year. But we stopped at a nursery that we found by accident and couldn't pass up the Crape Myrtle that was 50% off! Which is what we wanted to plant at the corner of the house.
I have a huge disliking for boxwoods, and there were six of those dang things planted around the front window. And then that obnoxious bush that looked more like an over grown weed...well, they are no more!

That was quite a chore digging out the roots. I wasn't sure what it was. It looked kinda like a lilac or a butterfly bush. I knew it wasn't a lilac, and I thought for sure it couldn't be a butterfly bush because of the size. Turns out, according to the neighbors, that it was indeed a butterfly bush! I had no idea they could grow so large.

The new!
I LOVE Crape Myrtles! In a few years it should be nice and full. Everything should fill out by then and there will be lots of color throughout the entire growing season. The two dwarf crape myrtle shrubs have a darker pink flower so I got the white rose of sharon. I figure next year I'll add some annuals along the front. I do plan on adding one of those narrow holly shrubs where the bird feeder is. It seems like it could use something with some height right there but nothing that will get wide, and one of those would be perfect!

We also picked up this small Crape Myrtle. I had to prune it up some, it looked a little tattered around the bottom. It should grow real nice right there on the side of the house.

When Shawn was digging the hole, he came in the garage yelling my name, I was in the house fixing dinner. I went out and he's standing there holding the shovel out with a pile of dirt on it. He's like, "Quick, come here and see this." So I went out and he took off running back to the side yard. So I took off after him, thinking what the heck am I running after him for! But I did. He says, "Look." and tosses the dirt on the ground and out scurries the largest frikkin mole I have ever seen! OMG, it was flippin huge!! He managed to catch it again and put it in the container, so I snapped a few pictures.

Look at the size of those claws!!
He had to be at least five inches!

I probably would never have planted roses. I don't know why, maybe I thought they were hard to take care of. But this rose garden was planted last year, and it is so pretty and they continuously bloom! I won't be redoing this one.

My hibiscus that I'm hoping doesn't die in the house through the winter. It's such a pretty tree and the day long flowers have been plentiful. Hasn't gone a day yet without at least one flower in bloom!

I love landscaping. There are a lot of things I still want to do with the yard, mostly all in the backyard. But it's a good start so far!

Hope you are having a great weekend!


The_Book_Queen said...

Beautiful! :) I wish I had a green thumb like that, the few things my family and I tried planting (during my childhood especially) never amounted to anything! *sigh*

And that is a freaking huge mole! ;)


Blodeuedd said...

It looks lovely :)

Christine said...

Everything looks great! I love flowering shrubs too. Crepe Myrtles are very pretty and I like that they bloom in summer and into the fall... not just in spring like most of the flowering trees and shrubs people tend to have in their yards up here.

The roses look fantastic! They must love that sunny spot.

That is a big mole! I've only seen them about 2" here... just a tiny bit bigger than a field mouse.

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