Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A new beginning...

It sure has been awhile since I've visited my blog. There's a bit of dust and some cobwebs, but nothing a little cleaning can't take care of. I sure miss it and the people I've met and interacted with. I think from time to time about blogging again. Nothing consequential since I don't read much anymore, mostly just a place for me to document my life so that I may reflect upon my past, as I have just done from reading through posts from eight years ago. Posts such as a mother's day about my son and what he got me and a short story that he wrote, kind of like a scrapbook, a place for me to reminisce. So many things have changed in my life since the last time I posted. Romane Book Wyrm may not be a suitable title for my blog, but it makes me smile when I think about it, since that's what it was all about when I started blogging in 2008. This little space will be more like a personal journal to document the events of my life.

Until next time...
Happy reading!

Amy H...(formerly Amy C)

(Random picture that makes me happy!)


Lori said...

Amy! Hi!! I was so surprised to see you pop up in my feed. So glad to see you and hope life is treating you well!

I basically gave up blogging as well once my kids became adults and moved out. I miss it too.

Merry Christmas!

Amanda Hood said...

Hi Lori! So nice to see you! It's funny how life changes over the years. I spent so much time reading and blogging, I never thought I would stop. Life has been really good the last few years!

I'm still waiting for my kid to "grow up"! Lol.

Merry Christmas to you and your family too!

Amanda Hood said...

I dont know how to change my name. Grrr!

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